By Ankit Pradhan 14 January, 2022

It’s already been a couple of years since the inception of the SARS COV2 or more commonly known as the CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) and various sectorial growth has either decreased or are at a slow rate or are almost negligible or vanished - one among those is the: Educational sector, because over the time we have seen reopening and functioning back of various business sectors- groceries, malls, bars, pubs, etc. but neither the schools nor the colleges. So, why is this difference ?

When educational institutions are termed as our second home or the temple for learning space, why are these shrine been locked up for a couple of years in a row now ?

Let’s look into the various sectorial division into the nation’s economy :- The spending upon the education sector has been quite less compared to the foreign nations but measures have been taken to increment those but we need to do even more. However, looking into the bigger picture - it’s the trade, commerce and intercourse that actually provides a greater share to the economy and undoubtedly the services sector: accounting to ~₹96 Lakh crores. The Indian IT company is on the verge of touching $100 B, which is just humongous. The export industry has risen up to $81 B, whereas imports has lessened and so have the manufacturing industry too. Overall the economy is in the state of recovery but education seems to be a less contributor to the economy. But, this may not be the main reason for not reopening the educational institutions, because, food and finance sector has always been the primary focus as they are more important to purchase because that’s the requisite of survival and all others are secondary and surprisingly both health as well as educational sector fall under the later category where the bar of investment needs to be urgently risen as they can be a major contributor towards leading a fast growing and developing nation. Even fashion has been kept prior to these sectors. The negligence into there quantity has scaled down their quality both from the individual as well as government point of view. Many youths still suffer from unemployment and this solely can’t be always blamed upon the government as there are various measures which lead to such a condition among which the first is being careless and being unaware, which needs to be rectified as sooner as possible.

There has been ample number of opportunities rolled out but not all of them seems to be a successful one or legit or even convincible to the mass, it’s same like the stories of the independence struggle that has been spun out by numerous citizen according to their own framed mindset without evidences. But, in case of the reforms and policies the implementation is main thing and then the after math results because at times wonders may occur but only through thorough analysis, research and consultation rather than just being partial about it. But apart from all these intelligent quotient there comes an emotional quotient into play and that’s where people start thinking from their deepest intuition and start making decisions based upon them. Although, consequence could also be the same if the thought process would be the other way but it’s just one of those feeling that let us bind into EQ factors. Why aren’t educational institutions open yet ? I: Although the school students whose immune systems are well to be an antirespondent to the virus which shows only 0.003% for the age group <19 years, it may seem that these mass of pupil could easily attend school but at the same time there are others such as non-teaching stuffs, faculties, and the whole transportation and all these will lead to higher transmission of the virus and going by the EQ point of view most of the parents do not want the schools and colleges to operate even at this point of time as they're very highly concerned about their child due to the term - "mass gathering". II: The scenario with colleges are also the same but not everyone can be taken into account and this is where the risk factor raises, one never knows who they have been in touch with recently and they may have been affected or deceased to the virus. The general concerns shows up once again. III: The digitalization era has taken a toll just like the dot com bubble burst which depicts that people are readily accepting these online mode of learning at the benefit of their own housings. Neither does one needs to travel nor do they need to purchase multiple stuffs because everything is available there on the internet and people do not really fuss out about it. Companies such as - Byju’s, Unacamdey, EdX, Coursera, Vedantu, Great Learning with millions and billions of dollars of revenue and market valuation, has been a boon to the kids of these age and a great relief to parents too as they’ve been merrily relying upon these resources and are sure about the security of education that are being provided to their children respectively by the available mentors. But, certain courses such as – Law, Non-Software Technical studies, Medical requires greater hands on implementation but there exist technology to almost readily automate any given thing. However, is the country ready to expand their band of expense upon such a hovering technology to assist Indian education ? Well this is a question about the coalition between the state as well as the union minister and let us leave the decision on their own because such a feature should lead greater expenditure into education at this point of time. OVERALL ON TOP OF ALL THESE - THEY'RE LOOSING THE GRIP FROM THE CURRICULUM AND DIVERSITY AND THE RESPECTIVE TECHNIQUES that schooling has provided us throughout this generation maybe making them less confident at an open ambient or at such structures but if e-learning method provides such facilities by constantly keeping the balance between academic and non-academic activities the bar for difference during a physical meet would just disappear in a short term. SO HERE IN THIS CASE A TRIO NEEDS TO BE SET WHERE THE PARENTS - TEACHERS - STUDENTS needs to be in a well and good connection to prosper the multiple aspects of knowledge and power. Although, the educational sector contributes to the economy. The online educational services are changing the method of learning through digitalization thus peaking up the hybrid mode (tended more towards electronic mode) of learning into the higher heights as the NEP 2020 too depends on that.



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I'm from Siliguri, West Bengal and at present, I'm pursuing my B.Tech from Vel Tech University, Chennai

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