Feminism versus Patriarchy

By Palak Gupta 23 January, 2022

All of us know really well how deeply rooted patriarchy is in Indian Culture and society. Even today when the world is in 21st century, women are considered incompetent to take charge of responsibilities at home and workspaces. This is because India has always been a male dominant country where men are considered more responsible, more sincere and more capable than their counterparts without having to prove that. And this brings us to the fight between feminism and patriarchy in today’s world. The term feminism means giving an equal status to women everywhere be it workplace or home or any other place in the society while patriarchy is something which has been practiced by Indians for last many decades. Patriarchy empowers the male members everywhere to take charge and responsibility in the society. The world is fighting with this issue of bringing equality in the status of men and women in society. Females today are giving a tough fight to males in every field whether it is sports, business or corporate world. Women have extended their arms everywhere. They are pilot, engineer, doctor, model, actor, scientist, homemaker and not what. There is no work in this world today which a man can do and a woman can’t. So basically they have proved to be equally competent to men but still there is a lack of recognition and appreciation for them in the society. Also, men having lesser capabilities, lesser sincerity are considered better than females even if the females are more responsible. So all in all patriarchy is not just a social system that has existed in our society for ages, but it’s a mental issue wherein only a change in thought process of the people living in society at large can bring some improvement. So, since now we have seen what feminism is, what is patriarchy and how it is affecting us?? The next thing which is to be done here is to combat this issue which has already got a lot of attention and popularity these days. So since there is already a lot discrimination against women, one of the best thing that can be done to counter this is to appreciate women for any small or big work that they do. Also respect every woman, it doesn’t matter whether she is a model or a homemaker. Every profession deserves respect and so does every human being. So it is not about male or female or giving a higher status to females or males in society but to respect every human being. Each and every person is special and unique in his/her own way and should be loved and respected for the same and not for gender.



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