Our Recent Activities

  1. Ground zero report: Awareness on menstruation and free distribution of Oxy-biodegradable sanitary napkin at Nindana village, Rohtak(Haryana) invited by MDU Rohtak administration.
  2. Events during lockdown:
    • Food distribution: During the exodus of migrants, we started a campaign named NO MORE STARVING with a strong belief that FOOD has no religion and distributed more than 2000 ready to eat packets to our migrants/labourers at various provinces of India.
    • Oxy biodegradable sanitary napkin distribution: Distributed 500 packets of oxy-biodegradable sanitary napkins at free of cost at Ambala district in the presence of Ms.Namrata Gaur(Member Haryana state commission for women)
    • MANTHAN (Let’s talk) One Day national webinar on solution for women issues in India: 3 hr long national webinar hosted by Vijay laxmi foundation to talk on solutions for women's empowerment in India, where 12 dignatories delivered their talks and gave solutions to the various queries asked by audience from various backgrounds and more than 100 people were present there by online mode.
    • The unheard voice of laado: Webinar hosted by Vijay laxmi foundation on Haryanvi culture JAKARI folk songs discussing women’s issues, where more than 80 participants were present and 4 key speakers have delivered their talk on Haryanvi culture discussing women's issue in Haryana.
    • Women beyond silence: Webinar addressing mental illness and safety measures for women, where key speaker was Nirbhaya's parents(Mother, father and Uncle) and Ms. Unmana dutta (Psychologist) who interacted with our young audience addressing their queries on mental wellbeing.
    • Art Making Competition: On the occassion of Diwali we have organized art making competition. In which one has to show his/her creativity in making rangoli and by Diyas.
    • Quiz Competition: We have organized an online quiz competition in which many young boys and girls participated. The quiz topic was on the females achievements, contribution of females in society etc. We have selected three winners, Ms Suhani(First), Mr. Sartaj singh(second), Ms Meenakshi(second) Ms Saru sachdeva(third). We have given a small prize money to the winners and offer them the internship from our organization.
    • Invincible Talk Series: We have started a talk series with invincible women to got to know about their life journey, their never give up life-style, which helps them to be invincible so other girls and women can also gets inspired and achieve whatever they want. So our first invincible women was Pradnya Patil Ji who have registered her name in Guiness book of world record for doing yoga for 103 hours.
    • Period Feast: On the ocassion of Internation Womens day, We have organized a feast where the food cooked by the ladies who are on their periods to message the society that periods are normal. Its not a Sin, ladies can do whatever they feel to. Misconception is that while on periods a lady should not cook, because it becomes unholy.
  3. Invincible women’s talk: It is an online talk series which gives a platform to invincible women around us who can showcase their inspiring roller coaster journey of lives which proved to be a catalyst for bringing positive changes in many other lives.

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